Author Q&A Series


Being an avid reader of Nigerian and African literature, I have always been interested in finding out  how authors come to be, how they approach their craft, and, most of all, how like the rest of us they are. It is this interest – part curiosity, part awe – that has inspired me to track down some of Africa’s best writers, and begin the Author Q&A.

See the series so far:

Helon Habila – On strangers bearing tales, bad poetry, and the return of Christ.

Tonikan Onwordi – On infidelity and epiphanies in foreign lavatories.

Chika Unigwe – On nostalgia and Alastair Campbell’s endorsement.

Alisa Ahlam – On Ayaan Hirsi, dinner dates with Hemingway and being Muslim Sex And The City.

Chinelo Okparanta – On glossophobia, overcoming the temptation of Adichie’s literature, and the bum-expanding implications of writing

Lola Shoneyin – On Mad Magazine, being published in Hebrew, and resurrecting the yam pounder.

Myne Whitman – On stuffy collars in Ivory Towers, characters spewing philosophy, and The Road that remains Famished.

Jude Dibia – On emotional truth, a writer’s stubborness and a salesperson’s epiphany

Diana Evans – On wrestling the beast of plot and Amy Winehouse’s encore

Unoma Azuah – On querying God, children’s fiction, and bankable literature.

Billy Kahora – On bad behaviour, Binyavanga Wainana, and quantity surveying

Noo Saro-Wiwa – On eavesdropping in buses, ancient hominids, and BBC Book of the Week

Chibundu Onuzo – On infant recollections, selective amnesia, and dying to make a classic

Nnedi Okorafor – On dyslexia, unpleasant classics and Whoopi Goldberg

Victor Ehikhamenor – On misquoting the Bible, avoiding Islam and the art of letter writing

Tolulope Popoola – On losing her way, rediscovering self, and conquering her fear

Kenechi Udogu – On world-building, the sticky middle, and been trapped in a teenage mind

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