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NBC Bans D’banj’s ‘Oliver Twist’


Mohits yesterday (1 September) received news that D’banj’s new hit single, “Oliver Twist” has been banned by the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission for its “lewd lyrics”. This happened two days after a succesful London concert by the record label, which took place on August 29 at the HMV Apollo Hammersmith, and featured Kanye West, on whose record label D’banj and Don Jazzy are now signed.

Don Jazzy claims to have himself heard the news via twitter; tweeting his bewilderment at the development: “LEWD LYRICS??? Na this our 10 10 kobo A 4 Apple B for Ball lyrics dem take big grammar ban sha.”

Reports say that communique have been issued by NBC to all Nigerian broadcasting outfits to desist from playing the track forthwith. And predictions are rife about the ruckus this move will create – something, perhaps, akin to reactions to the ban of Femi Kuti’s “Beng Beng Beng” some years ago.

Expectedly, the last has not been heard of the hit song which is presently making club rounds in Nigeria and Western diaspora communities. 

Don Jazzy expresses this widely shared sentiment: “The truth is that the person that banned this song will hear it until he is sick of it. He will hear it at almost every party he goes. he will hear it from the cars that will drive past him. he will hum the melody in his sleep. He’ll probably record his own version of the Oliver video sef. He’s doing his job so let’s allow him exercise his power. May God bless him and his hustle. No long thing.”

Little has been heard from D’banj concerning this.